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Protecting NEW MEXICO consumers in real estate transactions SINCE 1927

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Our mission is to promote and preserve the highest professional and ethical standards, education and knowledge, and experience and expertise of the land title industry for the benefit and protection of all industry consumers.


The vision of the New Mexico Land Title Association is to provide, equip and enable the escrow and title services provided by our members to achieve the active and diligent goals of:

  1. Insuring and preserving the American Dream of home ownership;
  2. Protecting all parties to real estate transactions (Sellers and Purchasers, Lenders and Borrowers) by impartial and honest settlement practices;
  3. Upgrading the educational level and professional standards and maintaining high ethical standards within the land title industry;
  4. Effectively and efficiently closing land transactions pursuant to the terms of the purchase agreement and closing instructions; and,
  5. Promoting and sustaining the land title industry for future years.

Code of Ethics

1 • FIRST Governed by the laws, customs and usages of the respective communities they serve, and with the realization that ready transferability results from accuracy and perfection of titles, members shall issue abstracts of title or policies of title insurance only after a complete and thorough investigation, founded on adequate records and learned examination thereof, and shall otherwise so conduct their business that the needs of their customers shall be of paramount importance.

2 • SECOND Every member shall obtain and justifiably hold a reputation for honesty and integrity, always standing sponsor for his work intellectually and financially.

3 • THIRD Ever striving to serve the owners of interests in real estate, members shall endeavor (a) to facilitate transfers of title by elimination of delays and unnecessary exceptions and (b) to make their services available in a manner which will encourage transferability of title, provide adequately for obligations which they assume in connection therewith and afford a fair return on the value of services rendered and capital employed.

4 • FOURTH Members shall support legislation throughout the country which is in the public interest and will unburden real estate from unnecessary restrictions and restraints on alienation.

5 • FIFTH Members shall not engage in any unfair or deceptive acts or practices and shall conduct their business so as to promote the public interest and the continuing integrity and stability of the title profession.

6 • SIXTH Members shall support the organization and development of affiliated title associations founded and maintained upon the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics.

7 • SEVENTH Any matters of an alleged violation of the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics may be submitted to the Grievance Committee of the New Mexico Land Title Association.

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